July 2024

Embyr-Lee Susko

2XU Athlete of the Month

Acknowledging BC's Best Athletes

The Athlete of the Month is our way of acknowledging a BC-located athlete who has displayed outstanding performances in their sport and deserves recognition. Athletes chosen monthly to be the face of Canadian Sport Institute Pacific will receive a celebration feature on our website and a gift from 2XU.

A Special Thank You

Each athlete selected as Athlete of the Month receives a small token of congratulation sponsored by 2XU. CSI Pacific would like to thank 2XU for their generosity and support of the program since 2018.

July 2024

Embyr-Lee Susko

Embyr-Lee Susko
Embyr-Lee Susko

Athlete of the Month Q&A

Embyr-Lee Susko


Favourite Gym/Pre-Game/Competition Song:

Big Bootie Mix ~ Any Mix

Favorite sport memory or achievement:
My favourite achievement this year was placing second at Junior World Championships in Lillehammer Norway, with my family there in person supporting me! 

Who is someone who has positively impacted your sport career?
Sven Bornemann and Maz Hamad

What are your hobbies or passion outside of sport?

Outside of sport I love to hike, bike, ski and just be outside. 

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