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Coaching Effectiveness Part 2: Skill Acquisition & Theoretical Coaching Models
– Jennifer Joyce

Coaching Effectiveness Part 1: Skill Acquisition & Theoretical Coaching Models
– Jennifer Joyce

Welcome to HeadStart: Improve Performance / Prevent Injuries
– Mike Shaw

Life Services

Presentation Skills: The Art of the Great Presentation
– Warren Weeks

The Human Athlete: Your Values. Your Wellbeing. Your Success.
– Laura Dowling, Mercedes Nicoll

Crafting Your Sponsorship Recipe: A Tried and True Method for Athletes at Any Stage
– Vickie Saunders

Taking Ownership of Your Personal Brand
– Sean Hayes

Navigating the NCAA: Recruitment, Commitment and Experience
– Breanne Watson

Sport/Life Balance
– Natalie O’Leary

Public Speaking 101
– Corey Robinson

Navigating your Academic Path to Personal and Athletic Success
– Natalie O’Leary

The Rio Recap Panel (Victoria)
– Hilary Caldwell, Bianca Farrella, Kristen Kit

The Rio Recap Panel (Vancouver)
– Evan Dunfee, Jasmin Glaesser, Tessa Popoff

Building Your Brand and Securing Sponsorship with Social Media
– Trevor Turnbull

Athlete Sponsorship
– Vickie Saunders

Media Interview Tips for Athletes
– Charles Parkinson

You’re a High Performance Athlete, Now What?
– Andrea Burk, Natalie O’Leary, Chris Wong

How to Effectively Approach and Engage Sponsors
– Chris Center, Erin Keam, Stan Rey

Pursuing Excellence During and Beyond Your Sporting Career
– Rob Fagan, Natalie O’Leary

Media Training and Professionalism for Today’s Athlete
– David Calder, Charles Parkinson

Medical Sciences

Staying Healthy in the Winter for Athletes
– Andre Lui

Medical Screening 101
– Julien Bahain, Paddy McCluskey

Injury Prevention
– Adam Kleeberger, Derek Vinge

Mental Performance

Road to the Canada Games: Guide to the Games
– Carl Nienhuis, Geoff Hackett, and Shelbi Snodgrass

Developing Resilience: The Role of a Challenging Mindset
– Mustafa Sarkar

Disruption by COVID-19: A Conversation on Mental Wellbeing in the World of High Performance Sport
– Sharleen Hoar, Christie Gialloreto

Focus Plans: Tools Athletes Can Use to Enhance Focus
– Geoff Hackett

Can We Talk? Guidelines for Effective Communication in Sport
– Danelle Kabush and Christie Gialloreto

Competition Phase: Performance On Demand – Any Time, Any Place, Any Conditions
– Bruce Pinel

Specific Preparation Phase: Competition Planning and Objectives for Success by Design
– Bruce Pinel

General Preparation Phase: Establishing the Mental Performance Building Blocks
– Bruce Pinel

Transition Phase: Debriefing and Decision-Making for Health, Wellness, and Performance
– Bruce Pinel

Goal Setting for Success in High Performance Sport and Life
– Danelle Kabush

Successful Habits of the Highest Performing Athletes
– John Moonlight, Bruce Pinel

Preparing for Major Games: The Fundamentals
– Laura Farres, Byron Green

Managing Anxiety and Stress
– Sean Duke, Bruce Pinel

Growth Mindset: Unlocking the Pathway to Performance Success
– Sharleen Hoar

The Evolution of Motivation for a Long, Satisfying Athletic Career
– Danelle Kabush, Melanie McQuaid

Dealing with Disappointing Results and Failures
– Emma Friesen, Bruce Pinel

The High Performance Athlete’s Passport to Effective Mental Performance Strategies While Travelling and Competing Abroad
– David Duncan, Sharleen Hoar

Optimizing Performance Consistency
– Mandy Marchak, Bruce Pinel


From Intermittent Fasting to Game Changer: Diet Trends to Entice the Masses
– Ashley Armstrong

Fueling on a Plant-Based Diet: Is It the Key to High-Performance?
– Genevieve Masson

Travel Nutrition: Optimizing Nutrition During Travel and At Your Destination
– Vanessa Zoras

Competition Phase
– Genevieve Masson

Preparatory Phase B: Supporting the Breakdown
– Ashley Armstrong

Preparatory Phase A: Supporting the Volume and/or Increased Intensity
– Ashley Armstrong

Transition Phase: Off Season Nutrition
– Ashley Armstrong

Individual Fueling Needs and Meal Planning
– Ashley Armstrong

Nutrition and Recovery
– Rebecca Hall

Fueling in a Flash
– Joanna Irvine

Caffeine for Sports Performance: Friend or Foe?
– Emma McCrudden

Optimizing Nutrition When Travelling
– Emma McCrudden, Kelsey Serwa

Performance Analysis

Green Means Go? Using Athlete Data to Inform Training Decisions
– Amarah Epp-Stobbe

Changing the Game: Performance Analysis 101
– Samantha Ebata

Enhancing Sport Training Through Video Analysis
– Samantha Ebata


Road to the Canada Games: Performing in the Heat
– Susan Boegman, CSI Pacific Nutrition Lead and Holly Murray, CSI Pacific Exercise Physiologist

Detraining and Performance Residuals: Minimal Effective Dose?
– Stuart Phillips, Trent Stellingwerff

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S): How It Can Impact All Athletes and All Sports
– Trent Stellingwerff

Avoid the Traps of Inadvertent Doping and Know Your Rights if it Fails
– Marie-Claude Asselin

Anti-Doping: Do’s & Don’ts
– Trent Stellingwerff

Anti-Doping: Mistakes Can Happen and How We Can Avoid Them
– Kelly Guest, Paddy McCluskey

Recovery: Why, When, How?
– Melissa Lacroix

Tips and Tricks for Testing Success
– John Abreu

Sleep Strategies for Success in Sport
– Amy Bender

Owning Your Victory: Anti-Doping Education for All
– Susan Boegman, Hilary Stellingwerff, Trent Stellingwerff

Competition Recovery Strategies
– Hillary Caldwell, Liz Johnson

What Every Athlete and Coach Needs to Know About the New (2015) Canadian Anti-Doping Program
– Peter Lawless

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Under Quarantine
– Mary Claire Geneau

Force-Profiling to Inform Programming
– Dana Agar-Newman

Force-Velocity Profiling Using New Technologies
– Carlos Balsalobre

Strength & Conditioning for High Performance Athletes
– Jennifer Joyce

Periodization: What It Is, and How It Wins Medals
– John Abreu, Kit Wong

Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Gym
– Adam Kleeberger