International Coaching School 2024

Sport Performance Coaching Certificate (SPCC)

A weekly education event providing coaches the opportunity to complete NCCP Multi-Sport Comp-Dev modules.

-ICS International Coaching School


May 21st to May 31st
Canadian Sport Institute Online Delivery


A weekly education event providing coaches the opportunity to complete NCCP Multi-Sport Comp-Dev modules.

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific is pleased to present the NCCP Competition Development modules in an online format allowing coaches to complete a number of modules as part of the International Coaching School.


CSI Pacific offers a bundled price for all 8 modules of $900.00
Registration for individual modules is now open with an early bird discount of 10% until May 13th.

SPCC Modules

The following were the modules from the 2024 ICS:

  1. Advanced Practice Planning
  2. Coaching and Leading Effectively
  3. Developing Athletic Abilities
  4. Manage a Sport Program
  5. Managing Conflict
  6. Performance Planning
  7. Prevention and Recovery
  8. Psychology of Performance

ICS Schedule 2023-2024

Module Time Dates LF
Coaching and Leading Effectively 11:30am – 2:00pm May 22, 23, 24, 27 Gail Donohue
Developing Athletic Abilities 8:00am – 5:30pm May 21 Marc Bowles
Managing Conflict 8:00am – 5:30pm May 31 Gail Donohue
Prevention and Recovery 3:00pm – 5:30pm May 27, 28, 29 Conan Cooper
Psychology of Performance 3:00pm – 5:30pm May 22, 23, 24 Candice Drouin
Manage a Sport Program 8:00am – 10:30am May 22, 23 Candice Drouin
Performance Planning 8:00am – 10:30am May 24, 27, 28, 29 Andrew Latham
Advanced Practice Planning 11:30am – 5:30pm May 30 Andrew Latham

High Performance Sport Coaching Education and Professional Development

The International Coaching School brings together some of the brightest coaching minds in Canada to deliver educational opportunities for high performance coaches and share their experiences – from provincial games all the way to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Taking place at Canadian Sport Institute Pacific’s Victoria campus, the International Coaching School is offered through two streams: Sport Performance Coaching Certificate and the High Performance Coach Advance.

The Sport Performance Coaching Certificate stream offers coaches enhanced training in the NCCP Competition-Development modules in an interactive multi-sport setting. Coaches will have the opportunity to complete up to eight NCCP modules, as well as earn the Sport Performance Coaching Certificate from the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, in only one week.

The High Performance Coach Advance is geared toward Varsity, Provincial, National, and Advanced Coaching Diploma (NCI) alumni coaches working with athletes in the ‘Train to Train’ through to the ‘Train to Win’ stages of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) pathway. Coaches have the opportunity to engage and network with their peers, while sharing best practices under a new theme each year.