A Canada-wide Network of Sport Institutes and Centres

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific is a proud member of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN). COPSIN provides world-leading training environments to elite athletes and coaches across Canada. The team of experts delivers sport science and medicine, coaching, research and innovation, education and Game Plan services to power podium performances and help Canada win more medals. The Network includes five Canadian Sport Institutes (Pacific, Alberta, Ontario, Québec and Atlantic) and two Canadian Sport Centres (Saskatchewan and Manitoba).



Canadian Sport Institute Network is a key contributor to Canada’s world leading Olympic and Paralympic podium performances.


To provide a world-class, multi-sport daily training environment for athletes and coaches through expert leadership, services, and programs.


  • Excellence: We aspire to utilize and will measure ourselves against world leading practices
  • Leadership: We embrace our role as leaders that challenge, inspire, empower, and encourage ourselves and our partners
  • Innovation: We believe innovation is a critical and constant requirement and an expectation for all involved
  • Integrity: We believe the integrity of our individual and collective behaviours is the cornerstone of who and what we are
  • Partnership: We believe it is essential to develop and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships which leverage each party’s strengths