Enhancing Training and Competition Through Nutrition Services

The Performance Nutrition Team at the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific applies the latest sports nutrition research and knowledge to help athletes maximize training program gains, and to optimize performance during competition. Working closely with members of the CSI Pacific Sports Medicine and Sports Science teams, the Registered Dietitians at CSI Pacific provide athletes with periodized nutrition plans that align with their health and performance goals.

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“A good diet will not make a mediocre athlete into a champion, but poor food choices can turn a potential champion into a mediocre athlete
Professor Ron Maughan, PhD, Director of the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition

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CSI Pacific Supplement Policy

CSI Pacific encourages athletes to follow a food first philosophy, however we acknowledge the use of supplements among athletes. Review our Supplement Policy to better understand your responsibility and risk when taking supplements

Risks Behind Sports Supplements

Gruppo Elite Athlete Program

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As a trusted official supplier, CSI Pacific registered athletes may have access to a discount for Gruppo Elite products!

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Interested in being an intern with our Sport Nutrition department at CSI Pacific? Please send your resume and expression of interest to careers@csipacific.ca.