Enhancing Training and Competition Through Nutrition Services

The Sport Nutrition Team at the Canadian Sport Institute helps athletes & coaches recognize the critical importance of fueling the body to maximize performance. Composed of registered dietitians and experts, they support athletes to make ideal nutritional decisions as well as develop individualized, sport-specific nutritional plans to better their performance both in training & competition environments.

Canadian Sport Institute’s Sport Nutrition Team provides programs and services such as individual consultations, individual grocery shopping tours, team nutrition screening, team nutrition consultations, nutrition presentations, travel and event services, performance cooking workshops, on-site performance cooking, and recipes.

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Please note that the following services are for CSI Pacific registered athletes only and are currently not available to the public or non-registered athletes

Individual Athlete Sport Nutrition Services

Individual Consultation

(60 minute or 30 minute follow-up)

One-on-one consult with Canadian Sport Institute sport dietitian provides individualized nutrition planning such as, daily nutrition, performance goals, recovery strategies, competition planning, making weight, meal planning and education on supplements and nutrition products.

Individual Grocery Shopping Tour

Filling your cart is one of the first steps to fueling your body. Often athletes know what to eat but making it happen is a challenge. A grocery shopping tour is a great opportunity to learn how to shop on a budget, read labels, fill your cupboards with healthy foods to support your training and load up on nutritious foods that for sport and a busy lifestyle.

Team Sport Nutrition Services

Team Nutrition Screening

(30-minute per athlete)

Nutrition screening is opportunity for a CSCP sport dietitian to meet with athlete individually to flag key nutrition issues, review supplementation, provide fundamental sport nutrition education, identify further nutrition education or support essential for the development of each athlete and team.

Team Nutrition Consultation

(45-60 minute per athlete)

Based on information from initial nutrition intake form (completed prior to consultation) Canadian Sport Institute sport dietitian will meet each team member to provide individualized nutrition coaching. Some key topics addressed during the consult may include daily training nutrition plans, travel nutrition planning, supplement advising, identification of suboptimal nutrient intake, and provision of resources. A summary of each athlete’s nutrition consultation and key issues, suggested follow-up and further recommendations for nutrition services and follow-up will be provided.

Nutrition Workshop or Presentation

(60-90 minute)

Nutrition workshops or presentations can be designed to meet each sport and teams needs. A few examples of key topics include:

  • Fueling for daily training
  • Travel Nutrition
  • Competition Planning
  • Hydration
  • Optimal Recover Nutrition
  • Making Weight
  • Healthy Body Image
  • Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements
  • Team Grocery Shopping Tour

Travel and Event Services

A Canadian Sport Institute sport dietitian can help to plan travel nutrition logistics and details to optimize travel nutrition as well as educate athletes about eating on the road. Some key components that a Canadian Sport Institute dietitian can manage include:

  • Menu planning with catering, cafeterias and restaurants
  • Research local food precautions, customs and event specific food environments
  • Order necessary tested sport products
  • Coordinate and plan for athletes’ specific food requirements
  • Prepare resources and educate athletes on travel nutrition planning and staying healthy.
  • Design team hydration and recovery strategies for travel.

Performance Cooking Workshop

(2.5-3 hours)

This workshop bridges the gap between knowledge and making optimal nutrition happen in the daily training environment or away from home. Athletes learn to make nutrition happen by getting into the kitchen and preparing nutritious, easy and budget friendly meals. This workshop not only teaches key culinary skills but also provides an interactive venue for learning about nutrients, new meal ideas, food choices and experimenting with new and old foods.

On-Site Performance Cooking

Performance Cooking is a unique on-site nutrition service that puts optimal sports nutrition into practice consistently. A sport dietitian travels with the team/athletes to set up and provide the Performance Cooking base. This may include the set up of a centralized kitchen and eating area, recovery station, food logistics, cooking, event specific support, individualized and group consulting, education and skill building. Integration of this program into camps and events ensures athletes are fueling their individual needs and performance goals. As a result, teams maximize training and performance while gaining nutrition education.

Each sport and athlete is different and may require individualized support.

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Interested in being an intern with our Sport Nutrition department at CSI Pacific? Please send your resume and expression of interest to careers@csipacific.ca.

Please note for our Nutrition internships, we require interns commit to a minimum of a six-week placement