Sport Performance Speaker Series

Individual Fueling Needs and Meal Planning (Workshop)

Session 2: Individual Menu Planning for Different Training Volumes Location: Canadian Sport Institute Pacific at PISE. 4371 Interurban Road, Victoria BC, V9E 2C5 (in-person only) Date: Tuesday, September 26, 5:30-7:00pm Speaker: Ashley Armstrong, Performance Dietitian, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific Description: This session will have athletes build on what they learned from the webinar and create…

Canadian Sport Institute Staff Pacific Staff Run Sodium Bicarbonate Pilot Project

During July, staff at Canadian Sport Institute Pacific’s Victoria campus stepped forward as participants in a pilot project, examining the effect of sodium bicarbonate in athletes. The study was orchestrated locally by Canadian Sport Institute Pacific’s Nutrition Lead Susan Boegman, in collaboration with Jason Siegler from Western Sydney University. The Institute’s Elissa Alairie, Lindsay Jennerich,…

Trent Stellingwerff

Trent Stellingwerff on Nutrition Strategies for Endurance Sports

Click here to listen to Canadian Sport Institute Pacific’s Director of Performance Solutions Trent Stellingwerff on Sigma Nutrition Radio. The podcast discusses: Nutritional considerations for the endurance athlete Nutrient metabolism and metabolic demands of endurance sport Why mitochondrial biogensis is king Carbohydrate periodization strategies and low glycogen availability training Training goals: performance vs. adaptations

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific Nutrition Educating Athletes How to Keep Fueled

VICTORIA, BC – Through a range of services offered by the nutrition department at the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (CSI Pacific), registered-athletes are provided with the resources to perform at their best in the quadrennial leading up to 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics. When registered athletes first meet with the nutrition staff at CSI Pacific,…