Data Solutions is a critical component of our service delivery at CSI Pacific. The goals of Data Solutions at CSI Pacific are to empower all staff and operations in data fluency and to deploy efficient and effective data management and analysis strategies in support of sport partners. Ultimately, Data Solutions seeks to support effective and agile workflows in the training and competition environment to produce high-quality, statistically-informed data that meets the needs of our partners.

Practically, Data Solutions encompasses three main pillars: data management (including collection and validation), analytics, and reporting. Data management includes proper collection, validation, processing and storage of data. Analytics includes the practice of applying inferential statistics and advanced techniques to glean insight from data. Reporting focuses on knowledge dissemination, including actionable outcomes, to key stakeholders including coaches, practitioners, and athletes.

Our team works with a variety of technologies including:

  • athlete monitoring systems (Smartabase, The Sports Office, Kinduct, etc);
  • programming languages (R, Python, etc);
  • visualization and reporting tools (PowerBi, Tableau, etc)

Data Solutions services include:

  • Facilitating the development, deployment, and administration of database systems
  • Leverage analytics (modeling, machine learning) to validate metrics (gold medal profile, podium pathway, etc.) and answer meaningful performance questions
  • Developing clear, accessible reporting and data visualization systems
  • Empowering sport scientist, coach and organizational data fluency skills development