The Powering Podiums event from November 23, 2023, hosted online.

Many thanks to our Powering Podiums presenters: Diane Scheidler, Head of People & Culture at Beacon HR; Brian McCalder, who guided the leadership team at BC Athletics from 1974-2023; and Robert Bettauer, CEO of the Pacific Institute for Sport Education (PISE)

Succession planning is:
– A deliberate, proactive process that forecasts and organizations leadership needs
– An opportunity to look at the future of the organization
– Because organizations with formal succession plans outperform those that don’t.
– About Who, How, When

Why Should the HP Sport System Care?
– Why should High Performance Sport be concerned about succession planning
– Athletes retire, coaches move on. Change is the only constant in sport
– Staff also move on which can cause challenges in both the governance and operational branches.
– If the succession process is not well managed then the organization suffers which in turn affects the athletes
– The goal of this webinar is to provide sports with some tips in succession planning and Beacon HR will provide a free 30 minute consolation for registered attendees.