VANCOUVER – An exciting new partnership was announced today between the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (the Institute) and the University of British Columbia (UBC). The agreement facilitates the opportunity for BC-based athletes to succeed in their quest for Olympic/Paralympic medals and for UBC Varsity athletes to succeed in their quest for CIS Championship titles.

Through this strategic partnership, both organizations will improve capacities to support athletes and coaches. The Institute will have the opportunity to develop world class applied sport practitioners through mentorship and internship programs with shared learning that can cascade between varsity and national teams. UBC will benefit directly from increased resources, support, and technical leadership from the Institute to build on the department’s culture of high performance.

  • More than 10 projects will receive funding to support new measures that will ensure student athletes stay healthy and obtain maximum benefit from their training.  Examples include:
  • Alter-g Anti Gravity Treadmill – helps to improve injury recovery time and maintain fitness during injury.
  • Hydrotherapy Tubs – used to contribute to physical recovery from training.
  • Force Plate Jump Testing – used to evaluate and screen muscle imbalances and jumping biomechanics.
  • Laser Timing Lights – to help monitor and evaluate linear or multi-directional speed.

“Universities, such as UBC, play an important role in the podium pathway for Canada’s athletes and coaches. Over 185 UBC Varsity Athletes are currently registered with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific and over the years 214 of Canada’s Olympians have attended UBC, 18 of which competed in 2012 at the London Olympic Games. We are proud to partner with UBC to enhance the high performance services available to athletes training in the province and look forward to the future podium performances to come as a result of this partnership.” said Mark Hope, Board Chair, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific.

“UBC Athletics is a significant part of UBC’s 100 year history – and it will also be an important part of our next century,” said UBC President Arvind Gupta.  “As a new President, I am committed to listening to and working closely with Alumni, students, coaches, administration and the broader community to nurture and strengthen the pride for UBC Athletics in Vancouver and Kelowna.”

This partnership with UBC is the first of what the Institute hopes is many more with various other Universities across the Province of BC.