The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is over 3.7 million with 1,242,000 recovered and 258,295 deaths. There are documented cases in over 213 countries or territories. Mortality rate worldwide is at 6.93%. We are continuing to see prolonged second waves in countries that had relaxed their restrictions including Singapore and are monitoring this closely as this will have an impact on how other countries, including Canada, manage restrictions and relaxations in the future.

In Canada we have over 62,000 cases, 4,000 deaths and 27,000 (43%) recovered. Of the 31,000 presently active cases in Canada 97% are classified as mild. Several provinces have gone more than 14 days without any new cases, and this has prompted government officials to start to come out with plans for loosening restrictions. This progressive relaxation of restrictions will have an impact on training and access to facilities, but timing will differ across regions and across different sports and is yet to be finalised or confirmed.

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