There are over 162,410 cases worldwide, 5,985 deaths and over 75,000 recovered. The largest surges in cases continue to be in Europe with Italy, France, Germany and Spain being hardest hit. There are 141 countries reporting cases. The WHO has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic.

In Canada the numbers have started to rise with now over 250 cases. We now have 11 recovered and still only one death of an elderly person in BC.

As an update the federal government has recommended that Canadians overseas return to Canada as some countries are closing their borders to international flights. They also recommend to “avoid non essential travel outside Canada until further notice.”

Although Olympic & Paralympic travel to training venues is a NSO-based decision (and may be viewed as ‘essential’), it is recommended that consideration be given to being stranded in a foreign country with insurance that may not cover travel or medical expenses. Medical access in the COVID pandemic may also be limited.

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