Disease Update:
The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is over 13.5 million with over 7.9 million recovered and 582,000 deaths. Mortality rate in Canada is 8%. In Canada we have over 108,450 cases, 8,800 deaths and 72,000 (66%) recovered. Of the 27,500 presently active cases in Canada 97% are classified as mild. The number of recovered continues to rise and more extensive testing in many provinces has not been finding significant additional cases. The curve has been flattened for the most part and local health authorities are zeroing in on flare ups to limit their spread. In many of the countries affected before Canada there have been reports of second wave and some clusters of COVID-19 many times associated with larger gatherings. In some countries the numbers of cases are at all-time highs and this reinforces the need to remain careful and follow recommendations on hand washing, physical distancing and use of masks which is now mandatory in some provinces in Canada and many countries in the world.

This progressive relaxation of restrictions will have an impact on training and access to facilities, but timing will differ across regions and across different sports. Each sport is working on plans and using the guidelines as set out in the RSAT (Return to Sport Assessment Tool) and the recent publication from the High-Performance Return to Sport Task Force.

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