The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is over 2 million with 490,000 recovered and 128,000 deaths. Physical distancing and self-isolation are in place in over 50 countries and affect over 2.3 billion people. While some countries have slowed the doubling rate of new cases and deaths, other areas in the world are seeing these rates accelerate. We are starting to see some second waves in countries that had relaxed their restrictions and are monitoring this closely as this will have effects on other countries including Canada in the future.

In Canada we have over 27,000 cases, 903 deaths and 8,250 recovered. Of the 18,000 presently active cases in Canada 97% are classified as mild. Many of the deaths are from nursing home outbreaks and this has prompted many to consider relaxing their physical isolation and hygiene measures. Although the curves are starting to flatten there is a lot of risk involved in relaxing restrictions and we can only reemphasize that in Canada there are limited resources available and asymptomatic spread is occurring so please continue to assume all others have COVID and act responsibly. Despite media reports of some sports or leagues discussing June to re-start, this is not imminent in Canada. The IOC, IPC and the IFs continue to work on confirming a revised qualification schedule for Tokyo and winter competition calendar. It remains too early for us to start training in groups or shared facilities as the risks of transmission and becoming infected are still very high.

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