The Powering Podiums event from April 29, 2020, hosted online.

Powering Podiums - 200429 - Dalla Pace O'Mahony

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Strength and Conditioning in a COVID-19 World

Purposed Outcome

  • To facilitate a discussion around how we can adjust the processes around the delivery of Strength and Condition programs in a COVID-19 World
  • Provide information on the do’s and don’ts to safeguard athletes and coaches
  • To identify best practices in Strength and Conditioning during the COVID-19 restrictions

What are best practices in the area of S&C when we have restricted access to the athlete;
In this sessions we will look to set the and here from an expert in this area. We will investigate best practice from our invited guests and look at strategies to allow us to develop effective S&C programs during the COVID lockdown. We will also discuss how we can best strategies the return to normal practices when this occurs.

The goals of the workshop:

  • Provide the best, and safest, environment for athletes and coaches
  • Share best practices around Strength and Conditioning
  • Provide information on what is safe and what we should avoid with our athletes.