The Powering Podiums event from January 28, 2021, hosted online.

Powering Podiums - Conversations Around Youth Mental Health

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In Support of Bell “Let’s Talk Day”

Join us in conversations around the mental health of our youth athletes.

Its almost a year since COVID-19 put the majority of youth sport on hold. During this time, events have been postponed and cancelled and our athletes have been faced with uncertainty about what their athletic future may look like. For youth athletes, in their key developmental stages, a year has passed; this group of athletes is particularly vulnerable to mental health challenges as a result of limited sport interactions. In our role of coaches to these athletes, we have opportunities to address our youth athletes’ mental health challenges in our programming of training during this unprecedented time. We will hear from and expert in this field, Danelle Kabush along with coaches who will share their experiences with us. There will also be an opportunity to discuss different scenarios with peer coaches along with some resources to take away

Proposed Outcomes

  • Discuss some of the challenges our young athletes are currently facing
  • Identify best practices in communication around mental health
  • Discuss strategies to support young athletes during this challenging time
  • Help coaches better communicate with their athletes

Goals of the Session:

  • Help coaches see the signs of a mentally well athlete and an athlete that may need support
  • How to start a conversation with an athlete that needs support?
  • What to do next and where to find resources to get help for the athlete?