Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN) Wide ACD

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The COPSIN wide Advanced Coaching Diploma will be coordinated out of three hub institutes:

Coaches will be supported within their provincial or regional Canadian Sport Institute/Centre. The program is based on the four themes of Coaching Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning, and Training and Competition Readiness. Diploma coaches will work through a problem solving process that requires analysis, planning, and implementation of new skills and knowledge in day to day coaching. Each coach will build an electronic portfolio to provide evidence of their coaching competencies. Click below or on the program overview to the right.

Flexible Approach

Recognizing the time demands placed on full-time coaches, the COPSIN-Wide ACD provides a flexible option for coaches to engage the program.

Program Delivery:

  • Three Hub Approach – A flexible delivery through three main hubs. French language in Montreal and English language from CSI Ontario and CSI Calgary. Intakes into the Diploma program will be provided on a yearly basis.
  • Two Year Program – The ACD is a two year, part-time diploma where each year is divided into two semesters in order to manage the unique competition structure of various sports. Deployment of semester schedules will be at the discretion of the coach’s main hub.

Content Delivery:

  • Face-to-Face Coaching Boot Camp – Meeting your coaching colleagues is a vital part of the ACD journey and the face-to-face sessions help you to build a lasting network with other coaches in different sports. There will be one face-to-face workshop per semester that will typically run over a weekend. These workshops will be run in the main Canadian Sport Institute hubs or regionally based upon enrolment and cohort size.
  • Wednesday Webinars – The use of online delivery by webinar has really helped coaches engage the program. Weekly webinars occur throughout the year within day time hours dependent upon time zone. These webinars provide opportunities for coaches to hear from world-leading content specialists as well as interactive discussions and sharing of best coaching practices.
  • Assessment PODs (Portfolio Observation Debriefs) – Coaches are required to build a portfolio of evidence throughout their ACD journey to demonstrate competency in a particular ACD module. Assessment PODs will be scheduled based on regional needs and demand. PODs may be face-to-face or via webinar, and will require coaches to present evidence within a given ACD module.

Application & Tuition

Find out more information please contact Coach Services Advisor Andrew Latham.