From February 13 – March 1, 2015, Prince George and Northern British Columbia hosted the Canada Winter Games. The Games featured over 2,400 athletes, 1,000 coaches and officials, up to 4,500 volunteers, hundreds of media and thousands of visitors. And through it all, a number of CSI Pacific-registered coaches enjoyed overwhelming success.

Congratulations to all CSI Pacific-registered coaches who attended the Canada Winter Games.

Name Sport Region Notes
John Newton Para Alpine Whistler
Linda Price Archery Fraser Valley
Erica Erasmus Biathlon Northern BC
Robert Swan Biathlon Okanagan
Tony Chin Para Nordic Vancouver
Maria Lundgren Cross Country Skiing Whistler
Chris Manhard Cross Country Skiing Whistler Advanced Coaching Diploma Graduate;
High Performance Coach Advance Attendee
Adam Elliot Cross Country Skiing Okanagan Current Advanced Coaching Diploma Student
Graham Maclean Cross Country Skiing Whistler
Ernie Daniels Curling Vancouver
Paul Tardi Curling Fraser Valley
Tanya Callon Freestyle Skiing Whistler
Jeremy Cooper Freestyle Skiing Okanagan / Whistler
Jeff Fairbairn Freestyle Skiing Okanagan / Whistler
Wade Garrod Freestyle Skiing Okanagan
Jamie Gardner Trampoline Okanagan
Dorina Stan Gymnastics Vancouver
Tokue Suda Judo Fraser Valley
Meghan Hebert Snowboard Whistler
Dane Kaechele Snowboard Vancouver
Christopher Nakonechny Snowboard Whistler
Keith Gordon Speed Skating Northern BC
Benjamin Uliana Squash Victoria Advanced Coaching Diploma Graduate;
High Performance Coach Advance Attendee
Tara Gant Synchronized Swimming Victoria
Marni Abbott-Peter Wheelchair Basketball Vancouver
Simon Cass Wheelchair Basketball Victoria Sport Performance Coaching Certificate Graduate