To contact any of our staff below, please go to our website Contact page and contact the main number for that location

Wendy Pattenden Chief Executive Officer Vancouver
Kam Loodu Chief Operating Officer Vancouver
Kurt Innes Director, Performance Solutions Victoria
David Hill Director, System Enhancement Victoria
Andrew Latham Manager, Performance Programs Victoria
Anna Kozniuk Manager, Performance Programs Vancouver
Game Plan
Candice Drouin Game Plan Advisor Victoria
Dr. Trent Stellingwerff Senior Advisor, Research & Development Victoria
Dr. Marc Klimstra Senior Specialist, Research & Development and Lead, Data Solutions Victoria
Dr. Kirsten Barnes Director, Health & Performance Services Victoria
Liz Johnson Lead, Physiology Victoria
Stacey Hutton Sport Physiologist Vancouver
Holly Murray Sport Physiologist Victoria
Wendy Pethick Sport Physiologist Victoria
Stephanie Reid Sport Physiologist Victoria
Anneke Winegarden Sport Physiologist Victoria
Laura Isherwood Sport Physiologist Victoria
Gayatri Raghavan Sport Physiologist Victoria
Susan Boegman Lead, Nutrition Victoria
Kourtney Gordon Performance Dietitian Vancouver – UBC
Genevieve Masson Performance Dietitian (Maternity Leave) Vancouver
Vanessa Zoras Performance Dietitian Victoria
Joanna Irvine Performance Dietitian Vancouver/Whistler
Jessalyn O’Donnell Performance Dietitian Victoria
Tiffany Rusch Performance Dietitian Victoria
Ariane Lavigne Performance Dietitian Whistler
Stephen Gurr Performance Dietitian Victoria
Strength & Conditioning
Craig Hill Lead, Strength & Conditioning and Whistler Facility Whistler
Seth Lenetsky Operational Lead, Strength & Conditioning Victoria
Dana Agar-Newman Senior Practitioner, Strength & Conditioning Victoria
Sandeep Nandhra Coach, Strength & Conditioning Victoria
Kayla Dodson Coach, Strength & Conditioning Whistler
Andrew Kates Coach, Strength & Conditioning Whistler
Andrew Evans Coach, Strength & Conditioning Vancouver
Sven Bornemann Coach, Strength & Conditioning Whistler
Laura Strenger Coach, Strength & Conditioning Victoria
Christian Prufer Coach, Strength & Conditioning Victoria
Nicole Jenicek Coach, Strength & Conditioning Victoria
Amarah Epp-Stobbe Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Victoria
Lauren Lipsius Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Victoria
Patrick Cormier PhD Student, Strength & Conditioning Coach Victoria
Marie-Claire Geneau Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Whistler
Chris Moffet Graduate Assistant, Strength & Conditioning Coach Victoria
Health Sciences
Dr. Paddy McCluskey Chief Medical Officer & Lead, Health Sciences Victoria
Dr. Billy Longland Medical Doctor, Consultant Victoria
Dr. Sara Forsyth Medical Doctor, Consultant Whistler
Chris Boulding Administrator Coordinator, Health and Performance Services Victoria
Sue Lott Physiotherapist Whistler
Steph Joels Physiotherapist Victoria
Performance Analysis
Ryan Brodie Data Solutions, Special Projects, and Biomechanist Victoria
Dr. Ming-Chang Tsai Lead, Biomechanics & Performance Analysis Victoria
Graham Olson Sport Technologist Vancouver
Amarah Epp-Stobbe Performance Analysis Assistant Victoria
Matt Jensen Biomechanics and Performance Analyst Vancouver – UBC
Dan Geneau Biomechanics and Performance Analyst Victoria
Mental Performance
Dr. Sharleen Hoar Lead, Mental Performance Victoria
Christie Gialloreto Senior Practitioner, Mental Performance Consultant Victoria
Alex Hodgins Mental Performance Consultant Vancouver
Andrei Mandzuk Mental Performance Consultant Whistler
Geoff Hackett Mental Performance Consultant Nanaimo
Lauren McBride Mental Health Practitioner Victoria





Noah Wheelock Senior Manager, Communications & Operations Victoria
Celina Toth Coordinator, Communications Victoria
Julie Labach Coordinator, Human Resources and Administration Victoria
Lindsay Bergen Manager, People and Culture Victoria
Emily Aspden Manager, Administration and Board Liaison Victoria
Karen Thomson Whistler Facility Cleaning & Maintenance Whistler
Performance Nation
Elissa Alarie Manager, Business Development Victoria
Andy Hung Sport Physiologist Vancouver
Finance Vancouver