Improving Performance Through Statistical and Video Information

A key feature in improving sporting performance is providing athletes with accurate feedback based on systematic and objective analysis. The Performance Analysis Team at the Canadian Sport Institute is an area of sport science that aids the coaching process through the provision of statistical and video information. They work to ensure that analysis is effectively integrated into programs for both teams and individual athletes. This is achieved by working closely with coaches and athletes, as well as other Performance Specialists. Strategic Planning within the coaching process is essential if Performance Analysis is to have its desired impact.

Providing Accurate, Precise and Reliable Feedback

Biomechanics and Performance Analysis is a broad term that encompasses multiple areas of expertise, centering on biomechanics, notational analysis, and the use of technology to measure and assess human movement as it relates to sport performance.

Biomechanics focuses on the mechanics of movement, including the technical execution of individual skills.

Notational analysis or performance analysis, identifies and analyses critical patterns or events relating to tactics or strategies employed in competition and training.

At CSI Pacific, our Biomechanics and Performance Analysis team delivers both lab- and field-based assessments to provide evidence-based insights to performance-driven questions.

Our team uses a wide range of tools and technologies including:

  • force plates;
  • GPS/GNSS units;
  • inertial measurement units;
  • ergometers;
  • optical timing systems;
  • 3D motion capture; and
  • video

Biomechanical services include:

  • Integrating wearable technologies into the sport environment
  • Providing qualitative & quantitative assessments of movements patterns or skills through relevant motion capture techniques (gait analysis, sport specific technique assessment)
  • Performing lab-based and field-based validation of sport technologies

Performance (Notational) Analysis services include:

  • Using state of the art tagging software for team based training and competition analysis
  • Using custom algorithms for key sport event identification and metric extraction
  • Performing inferential statistical analysis and reporting of key performance metrics

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