Improving Performance Through Statistical and Video Information

A key feature in improving sporting performance is providing athletes with accurate feedback based on systematic and objective analysis. The Performance Analysis Team at the Canadian Sport Institute is an area of sport science that aids the coaching process through the provision of statistical and video information. They work to ensure that analysis is effectively integrated into programs for both teams and individual athletes. This is achieved by working closely with coaches and athletes, as well as other Performance Specialists. Strategic Planning within the coaching process is essential if Performance Analysis is to have its desired impact.

Providing Accurate, Precise and Reliable Feedback

Biomechanics and Performance Analysis is a broad term that encompasses multiple areas of expertise which are centered around biomechanics, notational analysis, and innovation and technology. At CSI Pacific, our practitioners perform both lab-based and field-based assessments to provide evidence-based insights focused on answering performance driven questions.


In Biomechanics, movement patterns/skills are assessed based on knowledge of human anatomy and mechanics. Our biomechanists work with coaches and athletes to break down technique to help enhance performance and prevent injury.


Research show, that on average, athletes and coaches can only recall 30% of performance correctly. Performance analysis helps with the remaining 70% by providing accurate performance data. Our analysts collect data through a variety of tools (i.e. video, GPS, etc.) and process the information using various statistical methods.


Technology is changing the way athletes train and compete. Our technologists stay on the leading edge of technology and aid sports in integrating the newest advancements into their workflow.

Our services include:

  • Identifying and monitoring performance variables
  • Integrating technology into the sport environment
  • Providing objective feedback through data collection & analysis
  • Quantifying training and competition performances
  • Providing qualitative & quantitative assessments of movements patterns or skills
  • And more…

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