The Powering Podiums event from May 6, 2020, hosted online.

Powering Podiums 200506

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Powering Podiums – Supporting Athletes Holistically During COVID-19

Proposed Outcomes

  • To share information about Game Plan and athlete support through the COVID19 response strategy
  • To understand the athlete perspective on ‘making the most’ of physical distancing and isolation
  • To share the importance of and knowledge on service alignment and mental resilience
  • Explore the significance of team connection and end of season athlete recognition and celebration

What are best practices in the area of S&C when we have restricted access to the athlete:

Like many others, the sport world has been impacted by COVID19 leading to cancellations or postponement of leagues, championships and major events across the world. During this time athletes, coaches and administrators have had to become creative with staying connecting and with their current approaches to sport. Faced with such a unique time, how can we ensure athletes and coaches are supported holistically and that they continue to develop as athletes? Furthermore, how can we capitalize on this time to ensure athletes are developing off the surface of play as people, too?

The goals of the workshop:

  • Share best practices for holistic athlete support
  • Share tangible outcomes that are easily adapted to the needs of many
  • Provide tools and resources for personal development off the field of play