The Powering Podiums event from December 4, 2019, hosted at Fortius Sport & Health.

Powering Podiums - Pathway Alignment

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Proposed outcome:

To share practices used to develop and track athlete profiles to inform development and identification of podium pathway athletes.


Talent identification is fraught with the challenges of ensuring a balance between predicting potential and realizing performance achievement. The new Canadian Sport for Life LTD model has proposed the Podium Pathway where athlete progression is defined by either podium results tracking or a winning style of play, and based on a gold medal profile that is used to inform key performance measures for athletes. As sport organizations adapt to the changes in tracking and monitoring, there is a need to ensure alignment between Provincial and National programming and sharing of data to better inform athlete progression and targeting. In British Columbia, sport organizations are required to submit targeted athletes to define their high performance programs, and the advances in athlete profiling may lend itself to more objective means of targeting athletes.

This workshop will provide provincial sport organizations with an updated on 10 years of athlete targeting in B.C. Best practices will be shared by some sports to identify how gold medal profiling can be used to inform a targeted approach to identification. Finally, CSI Pacific will identify updates on athlete nomination criteria and strategies to help sports adapt and modify their existing criteria.

Target Audience:

The target audience includes both NSOs and PSOs technical leaders and high performance coaches who are interested in athlete identification and development.