The Powering Podiums event from November 17, 2022, hosted online.

Many thanks to our Powering Podiums presenters, David Hill, Andrea Wooles, and Shaunna Taylor, for providing us with great information based on their experiences in the world of Safe Sport.

Safe sport is a prevalent topic in the sport industry. It seems that every few weeks another safe sport incident hits the headlines and we learn of more athletes who have been let down by the greater sport system.

In order to better serve athletes, we must have conversations around the topic of safe sport, so that can we integrate safe sport practices across our programs from the daily training environment all the way through to competition.

Our goal in this session was to look at some Safe Sport issues and help coaches navigate their way through the environment. Here are some takeaways:

  • We know that the sport industry is ever-changing and coaches have to make changes to their coaching practice, and David Hill talked about some of these challenges
  • Andrea Wooles was able to share her thoughts around what appropriate behavior looks like and how to respond when there are Safe Sport infractions
  • Shaunna Taylor talked about autonomy supportive approaches, coaching behaviors, creating psychological safety and the idea of restorative justice

There was also some sharing from the coaches in attendance in the breakout rooms.

See Presentation Slides Here: