The Powering Podiums event from May 6, 2020, hosted online.

Powering Podiums - Adapting Athlete Targeting During Unforeseen Crises

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Proposed Outcomes

  • Identify common nomination challenges amongst PSOs
  • Explore opportunities to improve existing athlete targeting process through necessary change
  • Discuss advantages / disadvantages of event-based criteria and performance-based criteria
  • Show possible modifications to common problems
  • Highlight PSOs who have made adaptations

What are best practices in the area of athlete targeting:

In this sessions we will look to set the scene and discuss the pro’s and con’s of using events and performance to target athletes
We will investigate best practice from our invited guests and look at strategies to allow us to develop a variety of strategies to target athletes in ways that support performance.

The goals of the workshop:

  • Define existing challenges around athlete targeting
  • Share best practices in this area
  • Share experience in breakout sessions
  • Develop strategies to support athletes and PSO’s in the area of athlete targeting

How to Gain Access:

  • After registration, coaches must download Adobe Connect and use the Application (not browser) to enter the meeting room. Please fill out your first and last name for reporting purposes when entering the room.
  • Please enter at least 10 minutes prior to the event start to ensure your software is working properly. As well, our software only allows a capacity of 100 attendees, if we exceed this number, you will not be able to enter the room.
  • We will be recording this Powering Podiums session; you will gain access to the recording after the event.