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Back the Wolfpack!

Did You Know:

  • The Field Hockey Canada Women’s team, the Wolfpack, has to self-fund their program, due to no government funding for their team
  • This means they have to concentrate on fundraising on top of training, jobs, school, etc
  • To afford training together, all 22 players moved to Belgium & Netherlands

Did You Know:

  • They train together in Belgium multiple times a week, often sleeping on floors & couches to make it happen
  • They are awesome athletes
  • YOU – yes, you! – can help them get to Tokyo 2020 by supporting them and clicking on the button to the right?

Let’s band together and get them there!


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CSI Pacific Athlete of the Month

Powered by 2XU

Celina Toth

Celina Toth

Find out more about CSI Pacific’s March Athlete of the Month Powered by 2XU, Canadian diver Celina Toth

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CSI Pacific Registered Athlete Interview

Celina Toth

Sport Performance Speaker Series 1903 - Athlete Interview - Celina TothDownload interviews with some of our registered athletes to find out more about their lives in training, competition and outside of sport.

This month, we interview medal-winning national diver, Celina Toth

Listen to the Interview
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