2017 International Coaching School

The 2017 International Coaching School took place over an eight day period at the end of May and early June at Canadian Sport Institute Pacific’s Victoria campus. The event featured multiple opportunities for coaching education including numerous NCCP Competition-Development modules and the annual High Performance Coach Advance.

Sport Performance Coaching Certificate

The International Coaching School began on Saturday, May 27, with the first of eight NCCP Multi-Sport Competition-Development modules. 57 coaches attended at least one module during the week, and of those, 31 earned the Sport Performance Coaching Certificate by completing all eight!

Modules presented included:

Competition Introduction Module (Must be Complete)

  1. Make Ethical Decisions

Competition Development Modules

  1. Advanced Practice Planning
  2. Coaching and Leading Effectively
  3. Developing Athletic Abilities
  4. Leading Drug-Free Sport
  5. Manage a Sport Program
  6. Managing Conflict
  7. Performance Planning
  8. Prevention and Recovery
  9. Psychology of Performance

Click here to download the registration package for the Sport Performance Coaching Certificate.

High Performance Coach Advance

Theme: Pathways to Enhanced Coaching

A big thank you to all of the coaches who attended the annual High Performance Coach Advance Friday and Saturday, June 2 and 3! A total of 36 coaches gathered in Victoria with the goal of engaging, networking, and sharing best practices.

Interactive and practical sessions from world-leading experts included:

  • Transition, Evolution and Career Pathways – Natalie O’Leary and Andy Van Neutegem
  • High Performance Athlete Panel – Lindsay Jennerich (Rowing), Kayla Moleschi (Rugby) and Andrew Todd (Rowing)
  • Passion and Coaching – Donna Harris and Adrienne Leslie-Toodgood
  • High Performance Coach Panel – Kelly Guest (Triathlon), Kurt Innes (Cycling) and Krista Thompson (Field Hockey)
  • Coach Pathways – Andy Van Neutegem
  • Coaching Leadership & Managing Transitions – Shaunna Taylor and Adrienne Leslie-Toogood
  • Facilitating a Game Plan for Coaches – Natalie O’Leary and Donna Harris

Click here to download the registration package for the High Performance Coach Advance.

Wine & Cheese Celebration of Coaching

The 26th annual Wine and Cheese Celebration of Coaching brought together High Performance coaches, partners, and sport administrators to celebrate coaching in the province of British Columbia and hand out numerous awards.

Coaches recognized included:

  • 31 recipients of the Sport Performance Coaching Certificate
  • Matt McMurray – graduate of the Advanced Coaching Diploma program
  • Nick Stoffberg – graduate of the Advanced Coaching Diploma program
  • Kara Kalin – recipient of the NCI Level 4 certificate program