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Sport Performance Speaker Series

The Sport Performance Speaker Series is offered at all three CSI Pacific campus locations, with additional remote access by webinar.

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  • Gain the tools, knowledge and skills you need to reach the next level of your sport performance
  • Engage with other athletes, coaches and sport professionals in a multi-sport environment
  • Gain access and know-how from world leading sport performance professionals and athletes who have reached the highest levels of sport
  • Bonus: They are free!

Please note that attendance at the speaker series is limited to Canadian Sport Institute Pacific or PacificSport registered athletes, coaches and/or parents of registered athletes.

Invited coaches are encouraged to bring their registered athletes. Non-registered athletes may be eligible to attend with their coach on a case-by-case basis. In such situations, please contact the event organizer.

To find out if you are eligible to register for Canadian Sport Institute Pacific:

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Miss a previous Speaker Series session? Don’t worry! You can access recordings of them on demand via our Athlete Services team.

Find out more about previous events and request them on demand here

Have an Interesting Story to Share?

Do you have an interesting story that others can learn from? We’d love to have you as one of our athlete or coach interviews!

Contact Lindsay Jennerich and let us know why you think it’d be a great learning experience. (Possibility of small honorarium)

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Upcoming Sport Performance Speaker Series Events

As an addition to our Speaker Series events, we are adding interviews with registered athletes and coaches throughout the year, speaking about their personal experiences in sport. See the schedule of upcoming events below and check back regularly for more details!

July 26th, 6pm

Live Coach interview with Brittany Waters
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August (Date TBD)

Mental Performance: Series 1
Mental Performance with Bruce Pinel

September 19

Nutrition: Series 1
Transition Phase: Off Season Nutrition

Nutrition with Ashley Armstrong
Online only

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October (Date TBD)

Nutrition: Series 2
Prepatory Phase A: Supporting the volume and/or increased intensity

Nutrition with Ashley Armstrong
In-person, Victoria

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Athlete Interview #2

November (Date TBD)

Mental Performance: Series 2
Mental Performance with Bruce Pinel

December (Date TBD)

Mental Performance: Series 3
Mental Performance with Bruce Pinel

Athlete Interview #3

January (Date TBD)

Nutrition: Series 3:
Prepatory Phase B: Supporting the breakdown – injury/immunity support

Nutrition with Ashley Armstrong

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online only

February (Date TBD)

Mental Performance: Series 4
Mental Performance with Bruce Pinel

March (Date TBD)

Nutrition: Series 4

Nutrition with Ashley Armstrong

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Athlete Interview #4