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The Athlete of the Month is our way of acknowledging a BC-located athlete who has displayed outstanding performances in their sport and deserves recognition. Athletes chosen monthly to be the face of Canadian Sport Institute Pacific will receive a celebration feature on our website and a gift from 2XU.

Each athlete selected as Athlete of the Month receives a small token of congratulation sponsored by 2XU. CSI Pacific would like to thank 2XU for their generosity and support of the program.

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September 2020

Evan Bichon

Evan Bichon




October 12, 1998

Place of Birth:

Mackenzie, BC


Christopher Nakonechny

Favourite Quote:

“Once you understand what excellence is all about, you see how excellence manifests itself in any discipline.” – Joe Rogan

Career Highlights:

  • 1st Place 2015 Canada Winter Games
  • 4th Place 2016 Youth Olympic Games
  • 6th Place Junior World Championships NZL 2018
  • 2nd Place overall North American Cup Tour 2018/2019 season
  • 2nd overall 2019/2020 NorAm Cup tour
  • 14 Career World Cup starts to date

Reason for nomination:

A product of Prince George, BC, Evan Bichon began snowboarding at the age of 5. His father being a self-taught snowboarder took on the role as Evan’s first snowboard coach and seeded the foundation for Evan’s passion for the sport.

Evan’s accomplishments over recent years include a 1st place at the 2015 Canada Winter Games, 4th place at the 2016 Youth Winter Olympics Game in Lillehammer, Norway, 1st place at the 2017 Sports Experts Speed Nation Junior Nationals and 5th place at the Sports Experts Speed Nation Nationals in the Senior category the same year. Evan placed second in the 2020 NorAm season, securing him a spot for the 2021 World Cup tour. He also won first NorAm last season in Ski Cooper, CO.
When he is not training and riding on his board he likes to spend his time skateboarding, hiking, fishing, at the lake hanging out, and doing things that involve adventure and adrenaline rush. Evan is currently ranked 52nd in the world, with the aim to land a spot on the Canadian National Team.
Evan has been a CSI Pacific registered athlete since 2013 and trains at the Whistler High Performance Centre. Evan also gives back to the sport he loves by coaching with the North Shore Snowboard Team, in North Vancouver.

Q&A (MM)

What was it like having your dad as your coach when you first started out?

It was a really great experience! He taught himself first and was very patient teaching my sister and I. One of the most memorable parts for me is when I wasn’t able to make it up the T-bar right away so he would walk all the way to the top with me and teach me each run until I was good enough to make it up on my own. I’m sure it was pretty tiring, I remember walking a lot at the beginning! Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the sport.

What is it about adrenaline rushes that you crave in your every day life?

Adrenaline rushes have a certain addictive quality to them, especially when you’re learning a new skill in addition to the thrill! So be it Cliff jumping, skateboard or snowboarding, pushing something you love doing to the limit really makes you feel alive and that feeling is one of my favourite things in life.

How do you relax and wind down from all the chaos of adrenaline rush seeking?

Relaxing for me is putting on a good TV show to wind down at the end of the day or hanging out around a campfire with some good friends.

What’s your favorite part about snowboarding?

My favourite part about snowboarding is the freedom you feel while doing it and meeting like-minded people from all over who share your love for it!

What’s your least favourite part about snowboarding (if there is any!)?

My least favourite part of competitive snowboarding is that it is expensive and most of the high level competitions are held out of country. While it is an amazing opportunity to have the chance to travel for sport the cost can be tough. That said I am very thankful for everyone who has supported me along the way to help reach my goals! I’ll continue to do my best!

What’s next for you?

Next for me is summer strength training and plans to be back training on snow by this November. It’s a crazy world right now and sports may look different once we get back into the swing of things but I’m working hard to be prepared for anything this year and get as much of a competitive edge as possible heading into the season.