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The Athlete of the Month is our way of acknowledging a BC-located athlete who has displayed outstanding performances in their sport and deserves recognition. Athletes chosen monthly to be the face of Canadian Sport Institute Pacific will receive a celebration feature on our website and a gift from 2XU.

Each athlete selected as Athlete of the Month receives a small token of congratulation sponsored by 2XU. CSI Pacific would like to thank 2XU for their generosity and support of the program.

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July 2020

Libby Hogg


Field Hockey


August 13, 2002

Place of Birth:

Victoria, BC


Krista Thompson, Ali Baggott, Kira Starr, Milena Gaiga

Favourite Quote:

“The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth.” – anonymous & “Trust the process”

Career Highlights:

  • Bridgman Cup BC High School Tournament – Victoria, BC, First Place
  • Train 2 Compete U18 BC Island Stags – National Championships, Surrey, BC July 2019 – Gold Medal, Tournament 11 All-Star
  • NextGen Program Field Hockey Canada U17 European – Tour Netherlands, June 2019
  • Train 2 Compete U18 BC Island Stags – National Championships, Toronto, ON July 2018 – Silver Medal, Tournament 11 All-Star
  • Train 2 Train U15 BC Island Stags – National Championships, Surrey, BC July 2017 – Bronze Medal, Tournament 11 All Star

Q&A (MM)

How did you get into Field Hockey?

I started playing with the Victoria Junior Field Hockey Association when I was 8; I really enjoyed myself and I have been playing ever since.

What has been your favourite part of being in CSI Pacific’s Sport School?

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Canadian Sport School for the past three years. Not only has this program been beneficial for me as an athlete but also as an individual. I’m very appreciative of the great coaches and teachers I had and all of the amazing athletes I have met over the three years.

What does getting back to sport after the COVID-19 pandemic look like for you do you anticipate?

This coming fall I will be attending the University of Victoria and unfortunately there will not be a competition season for Varsity Field Hockey; the plan is only to train at this point. Though I’m disappointed to not be competing, I am looking very forward to getting back on the pitch to start training.

What is your 5-year goal?

One of my future goals is to one day represent Canada on the National Field Hockey Team. This is a goal I have had for a long time and I know that it’s something that I will have to work very hard for every single day. It won’t come easy, but all big achievements take a ton of time and effort. I’m up for this challenge and will learn so much along the way, regardless of the end result.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

It’s hard to know exactly where I see myself ten years from now, but ideally I hope to be pursuing and thriving in a career I am very passionate about. Currently my passion is in athletics and I can visualize doing something that involves sport. I also hope to be coaching in a more prominent way. I have been coaching young kids during spring league for a couple years and I have enjoyed this very much. I love being able to share and pass on the valuable lessons and knowledge that my coaches taught me early on.

Any advice for upcoming athletes?

Don’t give up when you face challenges in your life. Everything happens for a reason and the way you approach and deal with your challenges helps you grow as a person.