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The Athlete of the Month is our way of acknowledging a BC-located athlete who has displayed outstanding performances in their sport and deserves recognition. Athletes chosen monthly to be the face of Canadian Sport Institute Pacific will receive a celebration feature on our website and a gift from 2XU.

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June 2019

Caitlin Nash & Natalie Corless




Caitlin Nash: May 26, 2003
Natalie Corless: November 27, 2003

Place of Birth:

Vancouver, BC (both athletes)


Matt McMurray (registered with CSI Pacific)

Caitlin Nash Bio

Growing up in Whistler I was exposed to a lot of sports at a young age, I consider myself very lucky that I can call this incredible town my home. When I was younger I participated in a variety of sorts in my spare time, such as skiing, mountain biking and soccer. I was introduced to luge after the 2010 olympic games by of friend of mine. Although I was very young at the time of the games, I will never forget how inspiring it was to see athletes competing in sports they loved and that they had dedicated their lives too. I knew from that point on that I wanted to pursue an athletic career and I started getting more involved in luge. In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, skiing, and and travelling with my friends and family.

Caitlin Nash Career Highlights:

  • 1st overall crystal globe winner: Youth A women’s doubles
  • 5th overall standings: Youth A women
  • Overall 2018/2019 youth world cup 1st place doubles
  • Overall 2018/2019 youth world cup 5th place singles
  • 3x youth world cup winner – doubles
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th place youth world cups – singles
  • Junior world champs 24th singles
  • Junior world champs 14th doubles
  • Junior world champs 8th team relay

The Reason Behind Being Nominated for the Athlete of the Month (Caitlin):

I was nominated for the athlete of the month because I competed in and won the first ever women’s doubles race alongside my doubles partner Natalie. We also placed first in the Youth A woman’s doubles over all standings, earning us a Crystal Globe in our first year competing on the junior world cup circuit.

Natalie Corless Bio

I was born in Vancouver where I lived for 6 years before moving to Saratoga Springs, NY. I lived there for 4 years with one year in between that I spent in France. I then moved to Calgary where I started sliding at age 11. We lived in Calgary for three years and during that time I was able to start to develop my sliding skills. 3 years ago I moved to whistler where I was able meet new athletes and train with a new home track. Now, during my time off, I always try to go exploring or travelling with my friends and family.

Natalie Corless Career Highlights:

  • Overall 2018/19 youth world cup 1st place singles + doubles
  • 3x youth world cup winner – doubles
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in youth world cups – singles
  • Junior world champs 12th singles
  • Junior world champs 14th doubles
  • Junior world champs 8th team relay

The Reason Behind Being Nominated for the Athlete of the Month (Natalie):

Youth World Cup Globe overall champions


What is your favourite quote and why?
CN: My favourite quote right now is – the ones who say “you can’t” and “you wont” and probably the ones scared that “you will”. To me this quote means that you shouldn’t let anyone get in the way of you achieving your goals. If you really want it, and you’re willing to make the sacrifices it takes to be the best, it will be worth it in the end. It also made me realise that behind every successful athlete, there is a whole team of people who helped them succeed. It is so important to surround yourself with people who are going to offer you the support you need, but who are also going to push you to be your best.
NC: “Dreams don’t work unless you do”. This is a very relatable quote to my daily life as we train hard everyday. If I don’t put in the work every session we have, then I can’t expect myself to improve.

What was your favourite part of winning the Crystal Globe?
CN: My favorite part about winning the crystal globe was the feeling I got when I received it. I felt like all of our hard work had paid off and I was very proud to have been able to win the first women’s doubles overall. Having Natalie with me on this journey made it even more special, and it reminded me how lucky I am to have her as my teammate. It was an experience I will never forget.
NC: My favourite was part was having a memento that helps me prove to myself that all the hard work paid off. I hope that it can inspire more younger athletes to push through the harder times and know that if you work hard you can come out on top.

What was the coolest part of the Crystal Globe event?
CN: I did not attend the actual crystal globe awards ceremonies, but I like to look at what lead up to winning the globe as the event. It was an incredible year racing in my first junior world cups. Travelling to new places and meeting new people along the way was definitely one of the coolest parts.
NC: We were not able to make it to the final award ceremony to receive the globes however the coolest part of the World cup circuit that lead up to the globes was getting to travel around the world to new countries and tracks and meeting new people along the way.

How long have you two known each other?
CN: We have known each other for four years now. I first met Natalie when she was living in Calgary and sliding on their provincial team. When she moved to Whistler I showed her around the town and tried to help her feel comfortable, and we have been good friends ever since.
NC: We have known each other around four years but we have only been sliding as a team for a year.

Are you friends outside of sport?
CN: Yes, Natalie and I are good friends on and off the ice. She has become one of my closest friends and I know I can trust her to always give me good advice. I think part of what makes us a good doubles team is the fact that we are best friends, and being able to trust her in that way helps us work very well together.
NC: We are great friends in and out of training, Caitlin was the first person I meet when I moved to Whistler and showed me the ins and outs of being a true “whistlerite”. Since the day we met we have been inseparable. Part of being a good doubles team is having a strong bond and I think that is one of the aspects that makes us work so well together.

What are challenges you face working with only one other person in your sport?
CN: As amazing as it is to work with one of my best friends, we definitely have challenges that we have to face on a daily basis. When we are are away for long periods it gets hard to work with someone everyday without a break. We are are both opinionated so we struggle making decisions together sometimes, but we normally work things out.
NC: We are both very opinionated so we can bicker now and then but we always compromise which works out better in the end. We are also always together, so we need to know when not to push each other because there is no escaping one another on our long trips.

What does training look like between you two?
CN: In the off season we do lots of weight training in the gym so we can get stronger. In the winter we practice starts and sliding together so we can improve our technique.
NC: Off ice we do lots of weight training to build up our strength, then while on ice we practice our starts and sliding together on the doubles sled as well as training for our singles runs.

What role do you fill in your team of two that the other may not? What role does the other fill that you may not?
CN: My job while we are sliding together is to drive the sled. I am the “eyes” and I make sure we are driving good lines and also maintaining a good aerodynamic position. When we are off the ice I also try to get Natalie and I to do some fun stuff that isn’t just sliding. Natalie is the stabilizer on the sled. She makes little adjustments that help everything run smoothly while we’re sliding. Off the ice Natalie does a lot of the work that needs to be done to our sled and she makes sure that we get school work done!
NC: While sliding, my job is to make minor adjustments to keep the sled running smooth. When it comes to preparing our sled and getting school work done, I feel I am the one one rushing us to get it done. Caitlin makes sure we aren’t always stressed and makes sure we always have fun sometimes. On the sled, Caitlin is the eyes of the sled and does all of the big movements while going down the track.

If you could be a character from a TV show (or movie), who would it be and why?
CN: I would be Captain Marvel from Avengers because I loved seeing a female superhero be the one to save the day. She made me realize that the sky’s the limit, and with hard work anything is possible. Plus she can fly which is really cool!
NC: I think I would want to be Spiderman. He seems like he is pretty good at balancing school, a social life and saving the world, which is what I want to be able to do with as an athlete. He can also do a backflip.