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The Athlete of the Month is our way of acknowledging a BC-located athlete who has displayed outstanding performances in their sport and deserves recognition. Athletes chosen monthly to be the face of Canadian Sport Institute Pacific will receive a celebration feature on our website and a gift from 2XU.

Each athlete selected as Athlete of the Month receives a small token of congratulation sponsored by 2XU. CSI Pacific would like to thank 2XU for their generosity and support of the program.

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April 2019

Hayato Sato




August 29th, 2000

Place of Birth:

New Westminster, BC


Bryan Miki


I have been involved with the sport for 8 seasons now, with my roots starting in Coquitlam. Growing up, I saw my brother curling, and it was awesome watching him play the sport and being able to travel all across B.C. competing in various events. This got me interested in curling and I decided to give it a try. I became a member of the Coquitlam Curling Club, where I was able to meet various athletes, coaches, and parents who all loved the sport.

As I continued to curl, I transitioned from a recreational/fun curler to a competitive athlete, entering regional events where we played for spots to the provincial event. A few years later and I finally met my current team, which I have been curling with for the past 3 years. Though we had many tough losses along the way, we learned, fought hard, and were lucky enough to be able to represent B.C. at the Under 18 Nationals and the Canada Winter Games, both of which have been incredible life-changing experiences for me. As I continue to curl, I hope that I am able to experience those events, someday hope to wear the Maple Leaf on my back!

During the season I also try to give back by helping out with the local learn-to-curl program, and my team has been doing so for a few years now. Curling has presented me with so many great expreriences, and I’d like to help younger curlers hopefully be able to experience the same thing one day!


  • Under 21 Provincial Silver (2018) and Bronze (2019) Medallists
  • Under 18 Provincial Champions (2018) and Silver Medalists (2019)
  • Canada Winter Games Gold Medallists (2019)


  • Gold Medal at the Canada Winter Games


What was your 2019 Canada Games experience like?
The Canada Winter Games was an experience that has undoubtedly changed my life in an amazing way. Meeting so many athletes who excel in their own sports, and being able to be a part of something bigger than curling has been incredible. All of the hard work that went into putting on such a wonderful event was also cool, seeing so many willing volunteers, officials, and parents that did anything they could to make sure you had a great time was just something that can’t be described through words, and I wouldn’t be able to thank them enough for how they have shaped my life.

What was the most challenging aspect of it?
Probably just trying to balance socializing with others and taking care of my health. I was probably too focused on getting a long rest, and missed out on other opportunities to interact with the athletes. Both are important, and I think it was good that I tried to think of what I needed to do well, but there were probably moments where I could have spent a little more time interacting with my roommates and athletes from other provinces.

What was a highlight?
I think any time you win Gold it has to be up there, but I think more than that, the whole experience of meeting athletes from all over Canada, and being able to cheer on other B.C. athletes has been a highlight and reflects the memories I’ve made at Red Deer.

Do you ever imagine yourself on the Olympic podium? Describe what that moment looks like to you.
The Olympics is a dream of a lifetime, and I think if I was ever fortunate enough to get there, it would be incredible to be able to bring home a medal to my country, no matter what colour it is. I think the moment where you get to stand and the medal is put on your neck has got to be one filled with pride and really reflects the work you put into getting that far.

What values are most important to you?
I think honesty has been something I’ve always valued, and I really appreciate people who are not just truthful, but also aren’t afraid to speak their mind. I’ve always admired those who are able to stand up for what they really believe in, and I think it’s inspiring to hear a message from someone who wholeheartedly believes in what they say.

Did you grow up with a family or curlers? How did you get into curling?
My parents first learned of curling when walking through our recreation centre, and had never tried the sport, but got my brother into it as it looked unique. As my brother had the opportunity to visit various places, it got me interested and I decided to give it a try!

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
Probably flying, as I love traveling to Japan, so if I could just fly back and forth it would be so cool.

What is your favorite activity to unwind outside of sport?
I think my favourite thing to do besides sport is probably just hanging out with friends or solving puzzles. I’ve been a fan of mystery and suspense all my life, and I love deducing and trying to solve problems!