Our Commitment to Safe Sport

CSI Pacific understands that safe and inclusive sport environments are performance enhancing. Athletes who feel safe in all aspects of sport will have autonomy to push the envelop of performance. CSI Pacific will continue to uphold values of dignity, respect and fairness to foster a safe environment for all through gender equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility policies, program and activities.

What is safe sport?

“Safe Sport” ensures that environments in which staff interact for the purposes of sport are free of maltreatment, and are supported by and uphold behaviours defined in the BC Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC). CSI Pacific is committed to upholding SafeSport standards as a requirement of both provincial and federal funding.

Responsible Coaching MovementCSI Pacific has signed onto the Responsible Coaching movement which seeks that staff:

  • Have appropriate background screening and criminal record checks
  • Uphold the “rule of two”, where athlete interactions with adults are open and observable and involve other staff to be present.
  • Have completed necessary training in ethics, safe sport, and/or the prevention of child abuse.

All CSI Pacific staff have completed commit to kids training.

Reporting Maltreatment

Any person who observes or has a suspicion of maltreatment, and/or believes that observed or suspicious behaviours are in violation of the BC UCC should be directed to the Provincial Safe Sport investigatory mechanism. Staff and clients are also encouraged to contact the Canadian Sport Helpline 1-888-83SPORT (1-888-837-7678) if they observed, and/or have a suspicion of, maltreatment during their CSI Pacific duties.

External clients who believe CSI Pacific staff are in violation of the BC UCC or UCCMS should consult the Canadian Sport Helpline, and appropriate National or Provincial investigative mechanism. If third party investigative mechanism does not exist, external complaints should be reported to their sport organization and CSI Pacific.

Canadian Sport Helpline

Additional Resources

Additional Government Resources

  • B.C. Helpline for Children: a confidential toll-free phone line for children and youth wanting to talk to someone – click link or call 310-1234 (no area code required)
  • VictimLinkBC: a toll-free, confidential, multilingual telephone and online service available across B.C. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which provides information and referral services to all victims of crime and immediate crisis support to victims of family and sexual violence
  • Resilience BC: Anti-Racism Network provides information about how to report incidences of racism and hate crimes if you are a victim or witness such incidences

Within These Walls

Courtesy of Team Canada

Within these walls,
You are welcome, accepted, and respected.
No matter who you are or where you come from.

You are Team Canada, regardless of
Sex, sexual orientation, race, family status,
Gender identity or expression, sex characteristics, creed
Colour, ability, disability, language, political or religious belief or culture.

Here, you are safe to chase your dreams,
No matter where they lead you.
All that we ask is that you be respectful,
Kind and treat others with fairness & dignity.
Strive to be the best teammate possible.

Together we are
One community,
One country,
One team

Dans cette enceinte,
Vous êtes accueillis, acceptés et respectés
Qui que vous soyez, d’où que vous veniez.

Vous êtes Équipe Canada, peu importe
Votre sexe, orientation sexuelle, race, situation familiale
Ou matrimoniale, identité ou expression de genre, âge,
Couleur, capacité ou incapacité, langues et quelles que
Soient vos caractéristiques sexuelles, croyances et
Convictions politiques ou religieuses ou votre culture.

Ici, vous êtes libres de poursuivre vos rêves,
Peu importe où ils vous mènent tout ce que nous vous
Demandons, c’est de faire preuve de respect, de
Bienveillance envers les autres, de les traiter avec
Justice et dignité et de vous efforce d’être les meilleurs
Coéquipiers possibles.

Ensemble nous formons
Une communauté,
Un pays,
Une Équipe