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Canadian Sport Institute is at the leading edge of physiological testing, performance analysis, strength and conditioning, and sport technology in Canada. A full range of services are available to the public, regardless of age, gender, skill level or athletic or fitness goals. To discover how Canadian Sport Institute Pacific’s testing can help you reach your optimal athletic performance, contact us regarding the services listed below.



This test measures the rate your muscles can utilize oxygen to produce aerobic energy and is the most accurate way to measure aerobic fitness. VO2max tests are beneficial to athletes involved in aerobic sports such as running, cycling, triathlon, and rowing to assess and target physiological weaknesses. It is also valuable to people who are interested in assessing their current state of aerobic fitness.

Lactate Testing


Lactate is a byproduct of anaerobic energy production. There are limits to how the body can process these byproducts and thresholds can be determined by this test. Therefore, after this test, you will have specific training zones to target your individual physiology.

Metabolic Profiling – VO2max and Lactates


This test utilizes both our metabolic analyzing system used in VO2max testing and lactate testing to most specifically assess ventilatory and lactate thresholds. Maximize the precision and accuracy of your training for maximum performance results.

Wingate Anaerobic Sprint Test


This is a maximal test of the anaerobic system. It measures peak power and the rate of power decrement. Athletes who typically utilize this test are hockey players, skiers, and cyclists.

Body Composition


Measurement of skinfolds is an accurate way to assess the amount of subcutaneous fat on the body. Tracking these measurements over time is an effective way to determine if weight gain or loss is fat or fat-free mass (i.e. muscle, bone). Use this information to help you optimize your training and nutrition plan to ensure your body composition is optimal for competition and health.

Ride Simulations – Time Trials and Race Simulations

$75-125 per hour

Our Velotron Compu-Trainer has most established bike and triathlon race courses in the world. Exposure to the course can give you a competitive advantage improving your pacing strategy, race nutrition strategy and others. The electro-magnetic bike accurately loads the topography while the computer gives you valuable telemetric feedback such as power output, heart rate, speed and cadence.

Additionally Flexibility Testing, Fitness Assessment Packages, Functional Movement Screening, Sweat Sodium Concentration and other custom packages can be assembled upon request.

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