Maximizing the Physical Capacities of Athletes

Maximizing the physical capabilities of the athlete through a systematic approach to conditioning is the focus of the Strength & Conditioning team at the Canadian Sport Institute. Allowing athletes to express their full technical potential in sport is accomplished by:

  • Developing correct exercise technique with all athletes
  • Improving the strength and power base of all athletes
  • Individualizing programs to address athlete specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Improving athletes’ physical conditioning through sport specific conditioning sessions

Utilizing The Experience Of Past Champions

The Canadian Sport Institute Strength & Conditioning team works in conjunction with other Performance Services staff and coaches to ensure athletes undertake leading edge programs utilizing the latest information from scientific research and the experience of past champions.

Working to provide coaches and athletes with the sport specific knowledge, training programs are developed based on requirements for each sport and monitored on a regular basis for effectiveness. The Strength & Conditioning team also helps to research new and effective training modalities.

For More Information

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