IGNITE Athlete Development

Are you British Columbia’s next National Champion?

Canadian Sport Institute and the network of PacificSport Centres want to ensure you have every advantage you need to compete for your province, and some day, for your country.

The IGNITE Athlete Development Program targets eligible athletes [PDF] between the ages of 14-17. IGNITE introduces young athletes who are targeted by their Provincial Sport Organization to a high-performance lifestyle by improving their athleticism, physical literacy and fitness through a multi-sport training program which is complementary to their current sport-specific practice and competition schedules.


The physical component of the Canadian Sport School is called the IGNITE™ Athlete Development program. This same program is run at all 3 Canadian Sport Institute Pacific campuses and at select affiliated regional centres across the province. This program is strictly monitored by the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific to uphold high consistent standards in program delivery as well as testing and reporting methods.

The goal of the IGNITE™ Athlete Development program is to provide training and foundational movement skills for future elite Canadian athletes in the Train to Train stage of Canada`s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). These skills have been deemed important for long term athlete development as they provide the building blocks for future movement development and physical preparation. The curriculum is divided into three main movement streams consisting of strength training, gymnastics and sprint training.

This curriculum is laid out to provide key skills within each of the three movement streams that athletes must look to develop over the course of their participation in the IGNITE™ program. Along with these key skills, trouble shooting tips to common movement problems and variations of each skill are provided. This curriculum looks to serve as an endpoint to the athlete’s developmental process while allowing each centre to create its own path to that point.

Victoria IGNITE Program

The Victoria IGNITE Program is run within the Canadian Sport School Victoria-PISE. For more information please visit: www.TheCanadianSportSchool.com or contact Jennifer Joyce.

Curriculum – All Campuses

Strength Training

Introduces athletes to a number of key bodyweight and strength training exercises that form the core of many resistance training programs. By teaching young athletes proper technique in these movements, training efficiency will increase and the risk of injury will decrease. This will help maximize training time in the weight room, leading to greater improvements in strength and power.


Provides a unique opportunity for athletes to control, strengthen, and manipulate the body through space and around fixed implements. Developing kinesthetic awareness, mobility/flexibility, landing skills and whole body strength through gymnastics training will prepare an athlete for unpredictable sporting situations and help decrease the athletes’ risk of injury.

Sprint Training

Prepares athletes for efficient and powerful movement on land. Improved technical efficiency in these movements will transfer to both sport specific as well as training situations. Technical efficiency in high speed running allows unique opportunities to operate within the force velocity spectrum.

Testing & Monitoring

To monitor the athletes’ progress through the Ignite program, two streams of testing have been developed. First, to measure improvements in technical proficiency, the Ignite Athlete Development Program Core Movement Evaluation (CME) was developed. Second, a battery of physiological tests has been designed to monitor physiological changes within each athlete.

Anthropomorphic Measurements

Athletes’ physical measurements will be recorded and tracked to include height, weight, wingspan along with other elements that may differ from program to program.

Core Movement Evaluation (CME)

The CME is a technical evaluation of the quality of movement and not a strength testing protocol. At the beginning of Year 1, athletes will undergo an abbreviated CME consisting of the doweling overhead squat, push up, inverted row and walking lunge. At the end of the first year athletes must show technical proficiency in a Clean & Jerk complex. During the second year a Snatch complex is added to the CME. At the conclusion of the IGNITE program, athletes will be able to demonstrate technical skill in both Clean, Jerk and Snatch movements. Qualitative video comparisons of the athletes’ movements are to be made during each CME evaluation and will ideally be shared with the athletes to show improvement.


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Physiological Testing

The physiological tests are designed to monitor the general strength/neurological adaptations the athletes make while participating in the program. The physiological test battery are conducted four times per year.

Physiological Test Battery

  • 30m Spring with 10m Split
  • Vertical Jump with Countermovement
  • Overhead Jerk