Frequently Asked Questions

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The current program has successfully been operating since 2010 based on a redesigned curriculum that is aligned to the NCCP Advanced Coaching Education Pathway. The Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) is based on four themes: Coaching Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning, and Training and Competition Readiness.

Diploma coaches will work through a problem solving process that requires analysis, planning, and implementation of new skills and knowledge in day to day coaching. Each coach will build a portfolio that will provide evidence of their coaching competencies. The ACD curriculum has required the phasing out of old Level 4/5 tasks in a manner consistent to the development of other NCCP multi-sport modules.

Briefly, the new curriculum will provide the ability for coaches to engage in a program with enhanced practical applications of cutting edge research. The ACD Diploma would be considered an advanced gradation across a variety of coaching contexts. The main entry for coaches is the Competition-Development context, those coaches working with the Train to Train/Train to Compete athlete within the Canadian Sport for Life framework. Taking the new Competition-Development modules is a requirement for entry into the Diploma program if coaches are not already level 3 certified.

The key difference in the new Diploma compared to the Level 4 tasks will be the requirement of the coach to compile evidence that demonstrates competency across NCCP outcomes and criteria. This evidence will take the form of a portfolio and will be assessed by content specialists and mentors. Elements of the portfolio, as an example, could include a collection of video such as: athlete analysis, coaching analysis, and documents such as training/competition plans and critical reflections based on relevant coaching scenarios. Various exercises and activities to compile the portfolio will be part of the course of study delivered through a combination of facilitated sessions, workshops and practical/lab sessions.

The new curriculum will consist of four thematic streams; Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning, and Training/Competition Readiness with approximately 270 hours of direct contact time with experts throughout the program. These streams will provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable the coach to build his or her portfolio of required evidence. It will also allow better integration of content areas where coaches will be able to access the most up to date performance enhancement research, rather than focusing on one content area at a time.

The Advanced Coaching Diploma Program offered by Canadian Sport Institute predominantly targets coaches working with Training to Train and Training to Compete athletes, which may include:

  • Canada Games and provincial head coaches.
  • Personal coaches of pre-carded, provincial carded, and developmental carded athletes.
  • Club coaches of highly ranked clubs and self-made/entrepreneurial coaches.
  • Post-secondary coaches (NCAA, U SPORTS, CCAA).
  • NSO-identified coaches with potential to develop into coaches of high performance athletes.
  • National Training Centre coaches and assistant coaches.

General guidelines indicate that coaches that engage in this Diploma program should be coaching within a year-round program and typically twelve or more hours per week.

Applications are accepted between January 1st and June 30th for each September intake. The next intake is September 2017.

Following a successful application, requiring an administration fee and submission of supporting documents, you will be contacted by the Coaching Lead for an interview.

For more information about the Advanced Coaching Diploma, please contact Coach Services Advisor Andrew Latham.

If you have not yet submitted the following paperwork, please do so to complete your application package. Some of these requirements have changed, so please look through them carefully.

Complete/Obtain and submit:

  • Approval from your NSO supporting your entry into the Advanced Coaching Diploma (signed Memorandum of Understanding).
  • A coaching resume including: Level of education completed (high school, college, university etc.), level of athletes coached, coaching recognition (awards, major highlights, achievements, scholarships), and coaching positions held.
  • A letter stating why you want to attend the ACD including statements regarding your coaching career goals and a description explaining the current context in which you are currently coaching (level of athletes, number of hours spent with them, program goals, etc.).

If you have a specific question regarding the application process please contact Coach Services.

The tuition for the Diploma program is $875.00 per semester. The total cost is $3,500.00.

Grants and bursaries may apply for qualifying candidates. You will be advised of potential opportunities as applicable.

Coaches who successfully complete the program will be accredited with an Advanced Coaching Diploma within a designated sport upon NSO endorsement. The NCCP Locker will show the ACD modules and Graduate Status under ‘Canadian Sport Institute’.

The key to understanding the difference between Level 4 certification and an Advanced Coaching Diploma (formerly referred to as an NCI Diploma) is recognizing that they are not exactly the same. The old NCI Diploma curriculum consisted of NCCP tasks in specific content areas like nutrition, strength and conditioning, and mental preparations whereas the Advanced Coaching Diploma requires coaches to demonstrate competency in four theme areas: Coaching Leadership, Coaching Effectiveness, Performance Planning, and Training and Competition Readiness. To graduate with an Advanced Coaching Diploma, coaches are required to complete a series of modules within a given theme by building a comprehensive portfolio that demonstrates coaching competency, by making a midpoint and final presentation, and by producing a ‘capstone’ integrated annual training plan document. The Diploma is a valued accreditation for British Columbia’s and Canada’s advanced coaches.

Level 4 Certification, on the other hand, is accredited by the coach’s National Sport Organization (NSO). Coaches graduating with an Advanced Coaching Diploma may have accumulated equivalent tasks required for NCCP Level 4 certification, but would need their NSO consent to accredit these tasks to their NCCP transcript. Further, even if NCCP Level 4 tasks are accredited, the coach must also satisfy other requirements designated by the NSO which could be additional tasks or demonstrated experience coaching High Performance athletes. Hence, an ACD graduate could be eligible for Level 4 certification, but not necessarily fulfill the requirements for Level 4 certification. Please check with your NSO for sport-specific requirements of certification.