Supporting Qualified Coaches

Canadian Sport Institute and PacificSport recognize that every athlete deserves the support of a qualified coach. We work closely with national and provincial sport partners to ensure that coach eligibility and the related criteria is clear. Find below the details of coach eligibility.


Coaches who are eligible to register with Canadian Sport Institute (or PacificSport) must schedule an intake with their designated centre. Please contact your appropriate Athlete Coach Services Representative to set up a meeting and receive your full registration instructions.

Specific services available may vary by region. Please contact the Athlete Coach Services team member in your region.

Option 1

  • Must be nominated by their NSO/PSO and actively coaching a nominated targeted athlete; AND
  • Must have NCCP accreditation in the old Levels (minimum 3-4) or new NCCP Competition-Development Context Trained (or equivalent) or
  • Receive a Sport Performance Coaching Certificate

In circumstances where coaches may not meet minimum NCCP requirements, an exemption letter may be granted from the designated sport Canadian Sport Institute staff member that indicates:

  • The duration of the exemption may extend for no more than two years.
  • A plan to achieve necessary NCCP qualifications.
  • That only one exemption will be issued.

Option 2

  • Be a currently enrolled ACD coach or an ACD (NCI-BC) alumni who remains actively coaching or involved in mentoring/training other coaches.