Wondering if you are Eligible to Register with Canadian Sport Institute Pacific?

See the below four registration levels consistent with the athlete performance pathway in BC

CSI Pacific & PacificSport Cards Athlete Level Access How Do I Know If I Qualify?
PODIUM OTP Tier 1 All Centres Appear on the Own The Podium Tier 1 List
CANADIAN ELITE Sport Canada (SR-1)
Sport Canada (SR-2)
Sport Canada (SR)
Sport Canada (C-1)
Sport Canada (D)
All Centres Appear on the Sport Canada AAP Carding List.
Contact your National Sport Organization (NSO) for criteria.
CANADIAN DEVELOPMENT Identified national performance athletes
not receiving Sport Canada AAP funding
Within Centre of registration Nominated by Provincial Sport Organization (PSO)
and received letter confirming eligibility.
Contact your PSO for sport-specific criteria.
PROVINCIAL DEVELOPMENT Identified provincial performance athletes Within Centre of registration Nominated by Provincial Sport Organization (PSO)
and received letter confirming eligibility.
Contact your PSO for sport-specific criteria.

CSI Pacific Identified Athlete Nomination Process

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Athlete Nomination Process

Sport-Specific Eligibility Requirements

To find out if you are eligible in your particular sport, check out the sport-specific criteria here!

Athlete Services FAQs

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Your Provincial Sport Organization (e.g. Cycling BC, Rowing BC, Swim BC) will send you a notification letter informing that you have been nominated as a high performance athlete within BC and directing you to connect with your regional Athlete Coach Services representative.

The PSO, in cooperation with Canadian Sport Institute, has created a set of sport-specific criteria and benchmarks athletes must meet in order to be selected to their Athlete Nomination List. To see your sport’s nomination criteria, please see the Sport Eligibility

If you feel you should have been selected to your sport’s Athlete Nomination List, please contact your PSO directly and ask to be added onto the list.

Congratulations on being nominated! Please use the Contact form at the bottom of this page to reach our Athlete Coach Services team and we will happily guide you through the registration process.

Yes! While we try and feature all of the benefits, programs, and support services registered athletes have access to on our website, it often requires context to truly understand how we can help you reach the next level in your athletic development. Every athlete receives a minimum of $2,000 value in kind benefits each year, but by taking advantage of our services, this number can be much higher! For a general overview of what athletes can expect to receive by registering, please see the Athletes page

Welcome to BC! More than likely, the answer will be yes. However, while all of the national Canadian Sport Institutes and Centres work in partnership with each other, we operate differently in certain respects including registration eligibility. Please contact the Athlete Coach Services representative at the Centre closest to where you have relocated to get more information.

While we try to limit Provincial Development and Canadian Development athletes access to benefits in just one region, we understand that many will need to move throughout BC for extended periods of time and will require support. In these instances, please contact your previous Athlete Coach Services representative, or the team member at your new regional centre and we will transfer your registration and communicate any differences in the services each Centre offers.

Athlete Services Locations & Contact


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