Helping Maintain Good Health in High Performance Athletes


Please see below for a comprehensive list of medical resources that offer assistance and provide suggestions for maintaining good health in High Performance athletes.

Athlete Performance Health Handbook

Medical Diagnostic Services

West Coast Medical Imaging

Canadian Sport Institute has developed partnerships with health care providers in all three major centres – Victoria, Vancouver, and Whistler – to assist athletes requiring medical diagnostic services such as MRI’s or ultrasounds. Athletes must be referred by their personal or team physician. For further information on athlete pricing please view our Athlete Benefits site and search for Canada Diagnostic & West Coast Medical Imaging.

SportMed BC Directory of Practitioners

The SportMed Directory of Practitioners is a comprehensive resource that identifies sport medicine and sport science professionals who are dedicated to the development and delivery of services for the benefit of the sport, recreation, and fitness communities in British Columbia.

Athletes CAN

Athletes CAN offers a Medical and Dental plan to national team athletes registered with Athletes CAN. They offer competitive pricing, no necessary medical forms, and easy monthly billing. Prices range based on single or family enrolment and province of registration.

Provincial Sport Organization or National Sport Organization Coverage

Many athletes are already registered to receive some medical and dental coverage for acute sporting injuries that occur during sanctioned events under their Provincial Sport Organization’s annual license fee through agencies such as AllSport. Please check with your Provincial Sport Organization to see whether this applies to your sport and how to obtain claim forms.

University Medical Services

If you are a University or College registered athlete, you have access to medical plans through your University/College student services. Many of these plans are comprehensive extended medical plans at discounted rates. For further information please contact your post-secondary institute’s student services.

Extended Health Plans

Athletes are encouraged to also explore the variety of extended health insurance plans available to the general public. Blue Cross, for example, is a widely used not for profit organization that offers a range of extended health care plans to suit every budget. Extended health coverage includes medical services and supplies not covered by your provincial health care plans. This includes coverage for prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies, select services from registered medical practitioners, vision care, dental care, and more.

Travel Insurance

As an athlete it is very important to carefully consider what medical coverage you have while travelling within Canada as well as Outside of Canada as some travel insurance providers have stipulations regarding sporting injuries specifically. In addition, you may not be covered by your provincial medical provider for some medical procedures while travelling or living out of province. A popular source of travel insurance for athletes is BCAA as it offers inexpensive travel insurance that can be purchased on a multi-trip or single trip basis. Purchasing this coverage online will save you an additional 5%. Trip cancellation coverage is also available with BCAA. Plus, optional coverage is available for Professional Sports involvement and Motorized Speed Contest sports.