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Athlete Performance Health Handbook

Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP)

NOTE: CAIP changes effective July 1, 2017
Please note that effective July 1, 2017, the CAIP program has seen a series of changes to its rates and policy.  As done in the past, in view of the numerous renewal dates with the various Sport organizations, the changes will be phased into effect as the “In Canada” renewals occur during the year.  For example, if a renewal is November 1, 2017 the old program is in effect until that date and then the renewal will be based on the new program.

The Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP) is well recognized in providing the most comprehensive insurance protection for sport accident and overuse injuries to Canada’s athletes and coaches. In-Canada coverage assists with extensive physiotherapy, athletic therapy, and massage therapy benefits among other services. Read Canadian Sport Institute Pacific’s CAIP manual [PDF], and to register please contact Kendra Stoner, or by phone at (250) 220-2531.

Note: For those registered with Ontario or Quebec provincial health insurance, a premium tax will be added to the rate below (ON-8%, QC-9%).

In-Canada Insurance

Level Rate
Gold $795.00
Silver $465.00
Bronze $235.00

Travel Medical Insurance

Level Rate
Per Trip $35 minimum premium for trips of 7 days or less, $5 for each additional day after the first 7 days*
30 Day IAP $210.00/year
60 Day IAP $350.00/year
90 Day IAP $580.00/year

*Up until July 1, 2017 the CAIP travel insurance has been based on a per week rating. This is now changed to a daily rating of $5.00 a day subject to a minimum premium of $35 for a trip of 7 days or less.

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific Grant for the Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP)

This grant is designed to assist BC’s top tier High Performance athletes who are not receiving medical support within their sport-specific training plan. Canadian Sport Institute Pacific will provide a base level of CAIP for athletes who are NOT adequately supported by their NSO, family insurance, and/or other means of medical support through NSO service agreements. This grant is available to High Performance athletes living and training full-time in BC who demonstrate a need for CAIP. For information on how CAIP can help, please see the Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP) entry above.


There are a limited number of grants available, so while any athlete may apply, preference may be given to those registered at a higher level.

  • Athlete must be registered with Canadian Sport Institute Pacific or PacificSport at the Podium, Canadian Elite, Canadian Development, or Provincial Development level.
  • Athlete must be living and training full-time in BC.
  • Athlete must demonstrate a need for additional insurance coverage.

Successful applicants will be awarded Bronze coverage. For those wanting Gold or Silver coverage, Canadian Sport Institute will pay $235.00 of the cost with the rest covered by the individual athlete.

*Depending on available funds, applicants registered at the Podium or Canadian Elite level may be eligible to be awarded a higher level of CAIP coverage (Gold, Silver). Athletes will be notified of the amount awarded to them upon review of their application.

Application period: Applications are now being accepted year-round. APPLY HERE.

Medical Diagnostic Services

West Coast Medical Imaging

Canadian Sport Institute has developed partnerships with health care providers in all three major centres – Victoria, Vancouver, and Whistler – to assist athletes requiring medical diagnostic services such as MRI’s or ultrasounds. Athletes must be referred by their personal or team physician. For further information on athlete pricing please contact Gurveen Clair.

SportMed BC Directory of Practitioners

The SportMed Directory of Practitioners is a comprehensive resource that identifies sport medicine and sport science professionals who are dedicated to the development and delivery of services for the benefit of the sport, recreation, and fitness communities in British Columbia.

Athletes CAN

Athletes CAN offers a Medical and Dental plan to national team athletes registered with Athletes CAN. They offer competitive pricing, no necessary medical forms, and easy monthly billing. Prices range based on single or family enrolment and province of registration.

Medical Services Plan (BC)

All residents of BC must enrol with MSP. The Medical Services Plan covers medically required services by physician, laboratory services, and diagnostic procedures. If you are no longer enrolled under your parents MSP plan or under a work medical plan, you must enroll with MSP and pay monthly premiums – unless you qualify for premium assistance (if your net income is under $22,000, you will qualify for premium assistance). For MSP beneficiaries receiving premium assistance, MSP contributes $23 per visit for a combined annual limit of 10 visits each calendar year for the following services: acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, physical therapy, and non-surgical podiatry.

Provincial Sport Organization or National Sport Organization Coverage

Many athletes are already registered to receive some medical and dental coverage for acute sporting injuries that occur during sanctioned events under their Provincial Sport Organization’s annual license fee through agencies such as AllSport. Please check with your Provincial Sport Organization to see whether this applies to your sport and how to obtain claim forms.

University Medical Services

If you are a University or College registered athlete, you have access to medical plans through your University/College student services. Many of these plans are comprehensive extended medical plans at discounted rates. For further information please contact your post-secondary institute’s student services.

Extended Health Plans

Athletes are encouraged to also explore the variety of extended health insurance plans available to the general public. Blue Cross, for example, is a widely used not for profit organization that offers a range of extended health care plans to suit every budget. Extended health coverage includes medical services and supplies not covered by your provincial health care plans. This includes coverage for prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies, select services from registered medical practitioners, vision care, dental care, and more.

Travel Insurance

As an athlete it is very important to carefully consider what medical coverage you have while travelling within Canada as well as Outside of Canada as some travel insurance providers have stipulations regarding sporting injuries specifically. In addition, you may not be covered by your provincial medical provider for some medical procedures while travelling or living out of province. A popular source of travel insurance for athletes is BCAA as it offers inexpensive travel insurance that can be purchased on a multi-trip or single trip basis. Purchasing this coverage online will save you an additional 5%. Trip cancellation coverage is also available with BCAA. Plus, optional coverage is available for Professional Sports involvement and Motorized Speed Contest sports.

Nova Clinic Free Immunization Advice

  • The Nova Travel Medicine & Immunization Clinic will give free immunization advice to CSI Pacific registered athletes.
  • Nova Travel Medicine & Immunization Clinic, Victoria’s resource for travelers, provides a comprehensive range of services to the international traveler as well as keeping you safe at home with occupational vaccines. They are a team of International Society of Travel Medicine certified and experienced travel health nurses and Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine specialists.
  • Visit Nova Travel Medicine and Immunization Clinic Website