Providing easy, local and no fee access to strength & conditioning centres

GymWorks™ is a partnership program with local fitness facilities, health clubs and community centres. This program enhances your training environment by providing easy, local and no fee access to strength & conditioning centres. As a registered athlete with Canadian Sport Institute you are eligible to take advantage of the benefits of this partnership. It provides you with the ability to train while you are in your home environment without the long-term commitment of purchasing a membership with one training facility. As strength & conditioning programs are an integral part of your training it is vital that you consult with your personal coach or the head coach of your training group to ensure that your use of the GymWorks™ program is complementary to your annual training plan.

Please be aware that certain facilities will have various restrictions. Prior to using the GymWorks™ program please visit the Canadian Sport Institute website or check with the GymWorks™ partner to ensure that you know the specific restrictions and time availability of the GymWorks™ facility. You must present your valid Canadian Sport Institute card to the front desk of the fitness facility to gain access.

Athlete and coach cards are to be used solely by the registered athlete or coach.

*Please note: The GymWorks program is intended for individual access. If a group of athletes and/or coaches would like to access a facility at the time time, they need to check with the facility for approval well in advance. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Athlete Coach Services representative.

Important Note: Fitness centre schedules change frequently. Subsequently, Canadian Sport Institute can not guarantee that the times listed here are up to date. To ensure schedules are correct, please contact the centres using the contact information below. Not all Canadian Sport Institute nominated athletes and coaches are immediately eligible for access to the HP gym in Whistler. For further details, please contact the Whistler Athlete Services Representative (whistlerathletes [@]

Click here or on the graphic below for a listing of the current GymWorks™ partners and to view all the benefits available to CSI Pacific registered Athletes & Coaches!
And remember to take your Canadian Sport Institute card with you!

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Note: This page lists only the partnerships managed directly by Canadian Sport Institute Pacific. However, registered athletes and coaches are also eligible to access GymWorks managed by any of our partner locations throughout BC. To see the benefits also available in other regions, please see the links below: