Helping Athletes and Coaches with the Cost of Food

FoodStuff™ is a community partnership between Canadian Sport Institute and leaders in the food and restaurant industries designed to help athletes and coaches with the cost of food. Canadian Sport Institute cards must be presented prior to ordering or purchasing. Ensure that the store location is listed as a FoodStuff™ participant and follow these guidelines for accessing the FoodStuff™ benefit:

  • The amount of discount may vary from store to store. Please check beforehand.
  • Discounts apply to the athlete or coach only and will not be extended to guests.
  • Canadian Sport Institute cards must be presented to the server when ordering (for restaurants), not upon receipt of the bill.

Click here or on the graphic below for a listing of the current FoodStuff™ partners and to view all the benefits available to CSI Pacific registered Athletes & Coaches!
And remember to take your Canadian Sport Institute card with you!

Athlete Coaches Provincial Benefits App

Note: This page lists only the partnerships managed directly by Canadian Sport Institute Pacific. However, registered athletes and coaches are also eligible to access FoodStuff managed by any of our partner locations throughout BC. To see the benefits also available in other regions, please see the links below: