Proud to Work with Outstanding Partners

Canadian Sport Institute is proud to work with partners who help in the pursuit of High Performance athlete and coach achievement. We would like to thank you for your continued support. For information about our partners and the services and products they provide, please see the links below and contact your regional Athlete Coach Services team representative.

Unless stated otherwise, please show your valid Canadian Sport Institute Athlete or Coach Card to store sales representatives prior to purchase at the following Community Partners.

Click here or on the graphic below for a listing of the current Community Partners and to view all the benefits available to CSI Pacific registered Athletes & Coaches!
And remember to take your Canadian Sport Institute card with you!

Athlete Coaches Provincial Benefits App

Note: This page lists only the partnerships managed directly by Canadian Sport Institute Pacific. However, registered athletes and coaches are also eligible to access Community Partners managed by any of our partner locations throughout BC. To see the benefits also available in other regions, please see the links below:

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Contact your local Athlete & Coach Services representative to find out more about these benefits:

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